The Expert Consultation Your Business Needs

The Expert Consultation Your Business Needs

Use the right tool for the job

Is your business operating at peak efficiency? Abraham Maslow says his book The Psychology of Science, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” and all too often when it comes to software in your business, the wrong tool is being used for the job. 

If you have caught yourself using multiple massive spreadsheets to store loosely linked data, used a template word document that you change on a per basis, or find yourself entering the same data into multiple different places, you are definitely using the wrong tool for the job.

United Softworks offers expert consultation for optimizing and automating the work flow of your business

Opportunities for Automation and Optimization

There are many places within a businesses digital space that can benefit from automation or optimization.
  • Data Collection: Eliminate human error and manual data entry by automatically collecting, uploading, or syncing data into a system of records
  • Data Querying: Speed up reporting, data visualization, and reduce double entry by storing records in a linked database. 
  • Manual Tasks: Use scripting to automate repetitive tasks on your computer.
Workers believe that automating and optimizing these tasks will reduce wasted time by around 70% and reduce human error by around 65%

Get the edge on your competition

How does your business stack up to its competition? Increasingly, organizations need to leverage automation to stay competitive: 65 percent of workers use some type of automation in their daily work, and 68 percent of workers reported that their team is actively working to automate some of its work. Almost 30 percent said their businesses have plans to automate in the future. Yet despite existing automation and plans to automate, an overwhelming majority of workers — 97 percent — believe that automation can benefit their organization.

With United Softworks you can capitalize on these opportunities to offer a higher quality and faster delivered product and keeping a sharp edge over your competition. 

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